Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not As Long As Before

So it has been awhile between posts, but not as long as in the past year long hiatus or so.

Cory's parents flew in last Saturday, and we had a fabulous time. It was wonderful having them here and another set of eyes on the ever busy Adley. I know she is like every other toddler, but man, she is all over the place! We went to Zilker Botanical Gardens Festival, enjoyed walks to the park, dinner out as a family, and TWO visits with the ever wonderful family friends the Johnstons!

Cory is doing great at the Academy. Please pray for his shoulder as it is acting up a little bit but nothing serious. We are still loving our church and small group and looking to take its membership course this coming Sunday. We are incredibly challenged by the messages and body of believers!

I will try to keep posting more often too!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 1

Week1 of the police academy went decently well. Adjusting is still needed and of course, I got a cold that took my voice away. I mean it is completely gone. Starting day 3 today with no voice and it is annoying!! I can't talk to Adley and the dogs don't listen. And I can't talk on the phone to friends or family.

Friday evening was fun though. Friends, Tim and Brittney came over for dinner and cards. It was much needed relaxation time!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bike Rides and Birthdays

First, today is sort of my birthday. I am a leap day baby, which creates more interesting conversations than I ever would have thought. People will argue that my birthday isn't until the day after February 28th but I argue my birthday is the day before March 1st. Besides, how do you explain to a 4 year old that this year her birthday is in February and then when she turns 5 it is March? Also, my mom claims she had a February baby, so a February baby I am! With the conundrum of when to celebrate, I end celebrating for about week. Presents come early and late, dinners are based on weekends, and different restaurants offer free entrees within the week of your birthday!

Bigger today than my birthday is Cory starting the Austin Police Academy. Thus, I decided I would be proactive and get up early to start my day. Let the dogs out (which means down and up three flights of stairs), had a great quiet time, and some work done before Adley woke up. Then I wanted to work out and thought what a great day for a bike ride. Cory bought me a great bike and bike trailer to go on long runs with him when he trained for his 50 mile race last year. So I thought, let's whip that out and go on ride. I start riding and see that the tires are little low; expected considering a move to lower altitude. So I ride to a gas station, pay $.75 and instead of getting air, it flattened the tire more! Thus, I walked the bike and trailer home to write this post.

Why is it the day you need to call your hubby is day he is completely unavailable? Not anyone's fault, but figures!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

So we have grown accustomed to each other and being altogether all day long. That has brought some challenges, but such great fun family times! We are now preparing for Monday; day 1 of the Police Academy. Cory likely will be gone from 5:00am-5:00pm and return to eat quickly and begin studying before starting over. The blessing, the schedule is Monday through Friday. We are now just planning for this change as it will be Adley and me with no dad help! And how she loves her daddy! But, income will be fantastic and we have been so blessed by this brief, long overdue, and almost complete time together. A toast: Here is to the calm before the storm of lots of Netflix (Bones that airs on Fox is now a favorite show), lazy days of all pajamas and lucky if teeth were brushed, missing Austin traffic as we ran errands when we wanted, and me not changing every diaper!

Cory is prepared for week 1 with his uniform ironed and boots shined; he has read the required book prior to day 1 and prepared essay responses, and memorized ALL 100+ 10 codes. You have heard "10-4, over and out" type communication. In that case, 10-4 means acknowledged. Well, he has memorized 10-0 all the through 10-99 plus some extras with a new phonetic alphabet.

So I say, bring on the storm. It sure is a good thing Cory and I like storms. And if you know my husband; he really likes storms!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Here's a pretty recent picture of the three of us in downtown Fort Worth just before the Super Bowl. Pretty sweet!

Adley is walking everywhere and loves the swing at the park.

Cory starts the Academy on February 28th.

Super excited about our church and small group!

Look, two posts in one week! Much improvement.